Glorious Bingo For Simply Glorious Bingo?

    The promotions at Glorious Bingo are somewhat predictable and rarely glorious. They offer good deposit bonuses and the first deposit only need be a fiver to qualify for the bonus.  

    Special guaranteed games on alternating Thursdays offer the opportunity to win either a £500 holiday or a 42″ Flat screen TV. These are obviously popularly played and paid, however this is one promotion which is shared amongst the 60 sites on the same network, so we are never quite sure who these are won by and when. 

    The weekend promotions are a bit more predictable and virtually every week they offer kitchen appliances, hampers and other gifts up for grabs. They always let us know who won them the week before, so this is encouraging. The weekend Gazette is where you will find the latest promotional news of the site and the place to go if you want to see if your bingo team is in the lead.   

    Team Bingo has millions of bingo points up for grabs, but I can’t help feeling that this promotion is also shared amongst all sites on the entire network. It can’t be avoided, but Glorious Bingo is not what I would call a favourite site. There are a lot better networked and standalone sites with far better prizes and benefits than Glorious Bingo. If your friends play here, then perhaps you want to join so you can play together, other than that I can’t think of a better reason for being a member.
    Glorious Bingo
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    Glorious Bingo

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