Goodbye Wonder Bingo!

    We were rather shocked to learn that Wonder Bingo has closed as of the beginning of this month. Originally when the site launched in 2011, it as a standalone bingo site which seemed very promising thanks to it’s very popular Facebook app. Sadly, the success of the Facebook app was not mirrored on the actual site and today the homepage displays details of the closure.

    Wonder Bingo players might be worried about their accounts, particularly if they had funds in them. I can confirm that all player accounts were transferred to sister site Bingo Palace so you now have the option to play there instead. The general feeling from online bingo players is that of disappointment, I haven’t heard a single player who has visited Bingo Palace in place of Wonder, saying anything nice. So my advice to you would be to sign into your account at Bingo Palace which will be the same user details as you registered at Wonder Bingo, have a few games and see what you think. CM Raven from Wonder Bingo site, will be on hand to answer any of your questions and should add a touch of familiarity to this otherwise, strange site.

    Bingo Palace has been going since 1999 so in theory, this bingo site has the expertise and longevity of a site that really knows what it’s doing. It runs on Parlay software and is part of a small network of online bingo sites. The only way you’re going to know, is if you give it a go though, so instead of mourning the closure of Wonder Bingo, why not try it’s stand-in Bingo Palace?

    Wonder Bingo - now Bingo Palace
    Wonder Bingo – now Bingo Palace – Get £5 FREE!

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