Google Trends Bingo: A Strange Pattern

    We’re a big fan of Google Trends, not least because it’s a simple way of seeing how interest levels in a topic fluctuate with time.

    Let’s take a good example of a recent trend: cereal cafes. Here’s what the graph looks like:

    Basically, no one really cared about or searched for this term until very recently! So far so simple. But what if we apply this to bingo. Well, we did, and saw some interesting trends.


    Online bingo

    Whether we put free or no deposit or play in front of “online bingo”, all the graphs seem to show the same pattern. Why is this do we think? Are people now simply searching for brands more rather than generic terms? Let’s have a look at some of the biggest Great British Bingo sites to see if that’s the case.

    Foxy Bingo

    Bet365 Bingo

    Gala Bingo

    BGO Bingo

    For most of the sites we can see interest decline with time, with the exception of bgo bingo which, a relatively news site. Does this show that bingo users value novelty? It’s hard to tell but it would make sense.

    So how are people navigating to bingo sites? We imagine that the rise of mobile apps means people. Brand loyalty will also mean users simply go directly to their favourite bingo site, bypassing search engines altogether. Or is this a sign that users’ queries are becoming more complex, more “longtail”, so that generic terms are become less used?

    Far be it from us to interpret these results, but we’ll be keeping an eye on bingo and online bingo search trends to see how they change!

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