Grand Slam Bonuses at Bingo Hero

    Forget the World Cup, Bingo Hero is firmly fixated on Wimbledon right now and we’re more than a little relieved to have something other than football to talk about!

    Right now players can get 150% bonus on deposits between £10 and £19, 250% on deposits of £29 to £29 and 300% on deposits of £30 to £39. If you spend between £40 and £49 you’ll get 300% bonus plus 20% cash back and spend between £50 and £99 for 325% bonus and 35% cash back. You big spenders, who can afford to spend at least £100, will be pleased to know there’s 350% bonus awaiting you plus 50% cash back.

    In Match Point Special you can earn points for all your 90 ball bingo wins and every 10 points you collect can be redeemed for £1 in bingo bonus. One line wins are worth 1 point, 2 line wins are worth 2 points and a Full House will get you 3 points so you’ll soon see those points rise.

    In the Freeserve Special Bingo Hero players get one free bingo game every hour in the 80 ball bingo hall. The games are completely free and run at the TOH (top of the hour) where every player will get 20 free cards to have a few games on the house.

    The 75 ball bingo offer is Racquets and Cheer and gives players £15 BBs for every 3 patterns (a set) they collect. Players must bingo on the W, Racquets and Strawberry patterns to cokmpleet a set and they will then receive their bingo bonus. Track your status on the leader board on the Bingo Hero site and see if you’ve got super powers this month!

    All of these promotions come to an end at the end of the month so make the most of them whilst you still can and visit the Bingo Hero site where you can play lots of lovely bingo surrounded by comic strip super heroes!
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