A Greek Holiday Awaits at Bingo Godz

    Flash bang wallop

    Introducing Bingo Godz – a heavenly new UK bingo site with six divine levels to pass through. In each level, there are six different deities to collect – the fun starts on Greek level 1. Climb into the clouds to play games like Statue of Atlas, and Serpent Steps – tickets cost from 5p, with jackpots up to several thousand pounds.

    Onwards and upwards

    Then it’s on to Eastern level 2. In here you’ll find a taste of the far east, plus £4000 in daily jackpots. Themed rooms include Chow Main Bridge, and Dragon Mountain. Every so often, a magical god will appear, dishing out super powers, bonuses, and prizes.

    Meet a special cloud

    Introducing the Blessed Cloud – he’s ever present, and has all seeing eyes. He’ll pop up periodically, with tips on bonuses, and the whereabouts of those mysterious gods as you progress through the levels. Keep an eye on your email – Blessed Cloud likes to stay in touch. Plus, he has a very handy tutorial for new players – don’t miss it whatever you do.

    Daily Chat Games

    The gods love to banter and mingle with their roomies, and the Daily Chat Games are the perfect way to win points and make new buddies. The brilliant chat moderators play games like I Spy, and Code Breaker, alongside trivia quizzes and betting games. This is the perfect way to boost your bonus balance too.

    Jackpot Fridays

    Get that Friday feeling with a £500 jackpot in Rainbow Rings – you can pre-buy your tickets up to 7 days in advance. What a way to start the weekend – with a £500 jackpot sat pretty in your account.

    Rise and Shine cashback

    Start the day on a sunshiny note, with the Rise and Shine game from 7 AM. If you’re unlucky enough not to win, you’ll get 10% cashback – every roomie gets out of bed with a smile on their face guaranteed. Sign at Bingo Godz for your 300% welcome bonus, and to meet those gorgeous gods in the flesh.

    Bingo Godz

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