Hamster Races and Bingo Roulette at Tombola


    And they’re under starters orders, and they off! No, we’re not talking about the Grand National, it’s the Hamster Race at Tombola Bingo. This takes place every Wednesday night, and you can stake 25p, 50p, £1, or £2 on your favourite little fluffy critter. Every hamster has different odds and a different prize – what fun.


    Tombola Bingo is also home of Bingo Roulette – and, you can be forgiven for getting in a spin if you play this. Games start from just 10p – simply place your chips on the table in the hope of winning anywhere up to £10,000.


    Because Tombola Bingo runs on its own software, and because it’s one of the biggest bingo sites in the UK, they have stacks of new bingo games you will not find anywhere else. One of these is called Bingo Lite, and with tiny ticket prices, it means you can play bingo for longer, for less cash. Choose between five different game rooms, and join the gang as you chase a £100 jackpot.


    Every day is different at Tombola Bingo – after all, they have 40 different chat rooms. Just imagine how many new friends you could make – the mind boggles. Sign at Tombola Bingo today and prepare to meet your new bingo buddies and to back your favourite hamster.


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