It Rains Gold Coins Every Sunday at Robin Hood Bingo

    I can imagine it must be difficult coming up with ideas for new bingo sites, and some execute the creative concept very poorly indeed. However, at Robin Hood Bingo, they have thought of absolutely everything, from the gold coins you collect as a loyalty bonus, to the names of the games, and even regular jousting tournaments.

    Get lost in Sherwood Forest with Robin every weekend for his new Super Sunday games. Between 2 PM and 3 PM, it literally rains coins. This is your chance to make new friends, win prizes, and meet your favourite chat hosts.

    As you can imagine, Poor Robin is always on the run from the Sheriff of Nottingham. He’s inviting you to run with him, and play speed bingo in the Strike it Lucky room each day between 5 PM and 7 PM. I love these games – there are more winners simply because there are more games every hour.

    Another great deal from Robin is the £2 free bonus you get when you join him on Facebook. Yes, Robin has been brought bang up-to-date and has even learned to use a computer, although lord knows where he would plug it in in Sherwood Forest. Join Robin and his band of merry roomies now for your free £25 bonus, and to play bingo at one of the best and most creative sites around.


    Robin Hood Bingo (NEW)
    Robin Hood Bingo (NEW) – Get £25 FREE!

    Robin Hood Bingo

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