It’s Freaky, It’s £3K and It’s Happening at Posh Bingo

    We are nearly done with September and there are a whole host of big prize money games being played in October. To add another BIG money game to the prize pool, Posh Bingo has just launched their Halloween Game and the prize is a scary £3 000 with 1TG and 2TG prizes too. This is the freaky £3k and boy is it freaky, because the twisted hand of fate has declared that the 1 line winner takes the main prize. The prizes are 1 line: £1,500

    2 Lines: £750 and a Full House prize of £450; all worth winning but it is a blood curdling thought to know that you have to get to 1 line first, and you get the last prize when you scream “Bingo“!

    This game takes place on the 31st October and it all happens at 9:45pm, not exactly the witching hour, but what can you do, this game is not all that it seems. There is £200 to be shared between 1TG players and £100 for those players with 2TG. Bingo tickets cost 75p, and you will find them in pre-buy, so make sure you pre-buy yours too.

    Posh Bingo has also recently received the latest new instant games; these are Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune. This weekend they want the sexes to battle it out in a tournament, to see who the top tycoon is; are women better than men when they play games? So, it is men against women to win the best prizes and there is cash, Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune board games up for grabs. The weekend is also bonus roll-out time, so they have 99% extra free one time and special deposit bonuses for playing Wheel of Fortune as well as lots more to do.

    Posh Bingo

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