Jackpot Genie Dishes out Thousands at Butlin’s Bingo

    The jackpot genie is flying into Butlin’s Bingo, and he’s got some amazing prizes in his shining magic lamp.

    These are 75 ball games with the huge twist – there are loads of extra prizes on top of the regular full house. For instance, cover the entire card first and you’ll win £2500. Cover four lines to win £500, three lines to win £500, two lines to win £250, and one line to win £250. But that isn’t all – the genie is giving out 20 x £50 prizes. Fancy joining him for a night of mystical mayhem? It plays in the Bingo Cafe at 9 PM on the last Wednesday of every month. If you can’t be around to join in the fun, prebuy now.

    Another great reason to play at Butlin’s – you can win up to £100 every day without spending a penny. That’s because you get a free Atlantis Gold scratchcard every single day – how many other UK bingo sites do you know that are so generous?

    No other site can compete with the penny slots at Butlin’s either – there are about 20 different games which you can spin, and hopefully win, from just 1p.

    Sign now for free cash, and to catch that holiday vibe at this awesome site.

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