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    I’m always forgetting to buy lottery tickets, aren’t you, roomies? And that’s why I love to play Rollover Bingo so much. This is the only site (that I am aware of) where you get free lines on the national lottery every time you play bingo. With every fiver you spend on tickets, you get a free syndicated line on the next approaching national lottery.

    It works like this – deposit £10 at Rollover, and not only will you get an extra £10 free, you’ll get up to 10 free lines. Your lines go into a syndicate as part of 49 other players. Syndicates are a popular way to win the lottery, and if your syndicate gets a five ball match or above, everybody shares the winnings. However, if your own personal numbers get a three or four ball win, you get paid out that amount of cash in points instead of sharing between everybody else.

    One syndicate has already had a five ball win, and the group shared tens of thousands of pounds.

    What’s more, at 9 PM every evening, there are huge jackpots – one of my favourites is the £5000 monster each Saturday – buy your tickets now.

    So, forget forgetting to buy lottery tickets – you’re always in a draw when you play at Rollover.

    Rollover Bingo
    Rollover Bingo – Get £10 FREE!

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