Join the Fortune Fountain at Bingo Fling

    The Fortune Fountain is the biggest single bingo jackpot on offer at Bingo Fling, and what a cash prize it is, too. Bingo Fling’s jewel in the crown, their flagship bingo game could see you win a share of a massive £500 pot.

    Fortune Fountain

    The Fortune Fountain over at Bingo Fling is played on the very first day of the month, once every three months. The 8pm start time is suitable for almost all bingo players. Players can win £75 with a single line, whilst two-lines pays out £125. Win with a full house and you will pocket a cash prize worth £175 in total.


    Pre-buy Tickets

    Players finishing with 1TG (one to go) can share a £50 pot, whilst 2TG players will share another £50 pot. Even players who finish with 3TG will share a £25 pot. Players can already snap up tickets to the Fortune Fountain bingo game, and bag as many as 96 tickets each. Pre-buy your tickets today.

    Other Offers

    Alongside the Fortune Fountain promotions are other offers and deals at Bingo Fling. These include guaranteed £10 jackpots every day, All or Nothing bingo games every Saturday night which are worth £50, and free bingo between 12pm and 2pm each day. The £250 Balance Booster is played on the fifteenth of each month at 8pm, and can see players pocket more big money prizes mid-way through every month.

    Sign Up Today

    Only Bingo Fling players can claim these offers. If you aren’t yet registered, join today. All newbies at Bingo Fling can win 500 free spins upon sign. These excellent free spin deals on slot side-games at the bingo site is just the ticket to getting yourself started in the right way, but these deals can only be claimed when you join Bingo Fling as a newbie this autumn.

    Bingo Fling

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