Join Free Lottery Syndicate at Rollover Bingo

    The massive 9 PM jackpots at Rollover Bingo aren’t the only reason to play, although that £5000 Saturday monster sure looks appetising. The reason why Rollover is so impressive is this: it’s the only site to dish out free national lottery tickets every time you play.

    The welcome bonus is £10 free when you deposit £10, and you also get 10 lines on the next approaching national lottery. Every time you spend £5 at Rollover, you get one syndicated line on the national lottery. Your lines are rewarded to you as part of a syndicate, featuring 49 other players.

    If your syndicate gets a five ball match or above, everybody shares the winnings – this i has s already happened several times. However, if your own personal numbers get a three or four ball win, you get paid the full amount of winnings in bonus points.

    You can still play all of your favourite side games and casino games, but it’s only bingo tickets that count towards the free lines on the Lotto.

    You can still enjoy chat games as well – indeed, the roomies are a close-knit community, because they know that the big one, i.e. a huge lottery win could be just around the corner. What excitement.

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