Keep up with the Jones’ the Posh Bingo way!

    You don’t have to be posh to play with Posh Bingo, but this site has a way of helping you live it up the posh way, and part of this is the inevitable keeping up with the Jones’. So far they are the first of the Joy of Bingo sites to come up with a New Year promotion, so they are also leading the pack and the prize they have to give away will see the winner be leader of the pack too. Gosh will your friends and neighbours be green with envy when the peeps gather at your home to pass the popcorn and keep up with the latest in 3D viewing technology.

    The game is a New Year game, so it plays on Saturday the 1st January 2011, and you will see things from a whole new perspective if you win this prize valued at £2500, and worth its weight in gold. It is the ultimate Home Entertainment System in the Posh Bingo Visual Feast promo and the game plays at 9:45pm. The New Year will look even bigger and better quite literally with a 50″ high definition and 3D ready Plasma TV, plus a 3D blu-ray DVD player, iPod dock and surround sound system; there are spare 3D specs too! Talk about experiencing all the magic of the cinema in your very own sitting room?!

    The tickets into this game cost only £1 each and they are already available in pre-buy if you like, or you can earn action points for free bingo tickets. Make sure you get as many free tickets as you can before you break down and buy what you need to ensure you have a good chance to win. Your pad will look posh, you will love Posh Bingo and this impressive prize has already got everyone itching to win.

    Posh Bingo

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