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    Make the most of the Bet365 Bingo Loyalty programme as you can this May because they are giving away twice the normal amount of points on every weekend that you play. This could get your loyalty level up into the VIP echelons much sooner than you believed possible, so check it out today.

    Play for pennies and win pounds every day at Bet365 Bingo, this site is not shy about giving away cash prizes for pennies. Raid your piggy bank if you have to, but play these games you must. How much have you got to lose – a penny? You lose more than that down the back of the sofa when you are watching football on the telly, and these games magically turn your pennies into pounds before your very eyes – ey PrestoHey Presto, Bet 365!

    The cream of the crop, Bingo Linx games play every day and there is £7 500 up for grabs in total; at 12 midday, 6pm and 10:30pm. These games offer prizes of £1,000, £2,500 and a massive £4,000 respectively and they guarantee to keep the adrenaline pumping all day long.

    Free bingo is infectious with games for £1 000 in prizes available daily in First Class Fever. Just make sure you receive your invitation for the following day by spending £10 or more on bingo tickets. There is a list as long as your arm of promotions at this site, so check them out, be my guest!

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