Let the Astro Bingo Money Tree Determine Your Re-deposit Bonus

    If you are planning to make a first deposit at Astro Bingo this is cool, go ahead they will give you 200%, but when it comes to re-deposits why don’t you wait till Wednesday at 9pm and let the Money Tree Determine this? This means you could earn from 110% to 190% and that is a lot more than the normal 50%. This is the “It’s Midnight Somewhere Deposit Bonus”, you have to love it! 

    This site is a community and they love to “spread the love” but don’t worry, they enjoy spreading wealth too. Get to know them better – it will be worth your while.    

    What about the Double Progressive Jackpot Hour? This allows you to double your pleasure and your winnings! Astro Bingo offers one hour of non-stop full house and coverall bingo games while playing for two PJP’s. There is also a Grand Prix Speedball Tournament to compete for over £1,000 in cash and prizes. Finish the 100pt quota first to win and cross the chequered flag.  

    The Best of Bingo at Astro includes these special games: The SuperSonic Coverall, Everyone Wins, Fair for All, Twofer, Mini Max, The Pound, Bonus Back Bingo, Jump & Jive, Midday Mixer MIX UP, Motion, Odd or Even, Triple Play and much more. You can trust this brilliant bingo site with your business and you can trust that there are ample opportunities to win, so play today for an astronomical bingo experience!!
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