Little Big Bingo For Big Bingo Value

    Little Big Bingo is a site which has been specifically designed to cater to big bingo value. The site is very nice and it is also very easy to use so take a look at it today and see why it is the site that many starter players use to turn their pennies into pounds. There is a really good theory to play at a site like this; they offer you £20 free when you make your first deposit of £10 and when you play with pennies and earn pounds, you can then play in bigger money games with your winnings. It is kind of like poker low stakes games where you use your winnings to fund up your bankroll.

    This site offers both 90 and 75 ball bingo and bingo cards cost only 1p; there is even one guaranteed game with £1 000 as a prize! You can pre-buy your bingo tickets into this game and it plays every Friday at 9pm. Now £1 000 is a lot of money for a game which plays for a penny a pop and if you don’t take advantage of this, you would be a little bit nutty. Little Big Bingo is one of the few sites where this type of prize is regularly available for bingo cards that cost only 1p.

    Saturday night is party night and they give away lots of prize money as well as stupid amounts of Penny Points. The party starts at 8pm, so don’t be late, you don’t want to miss out on the fun. They play chat games and all sorts of bingo too so you can have a big bingo ball. Just remember the name – Little Big Bingo and this is exactly what you will get! Pop in and pay them a visit, it doesn’t cost a penny to look and while you are there make sure you check out the winners page to give you an idea of what’s won.

    Little Big Bingo
    Little Big Bingo – Get £20 FREE!

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