Little Miss Bingo Crazy Amazon Vouchers Giveaway

    Little Miss Bingo has obviously been sat out in the sun too long. Not only has her hair gone very blond, she’s giving away crazy amounts of cash and goodies. One particularly that caught my eye is a £200 Amazon voucher. She’s also giving away £1000 in real cash, thanks to a slots tournament. And, in her 80 ball halls, she is giving away one free game at the top of every hour.

    Little Miss Bingo is a morning person, for sure. That’s why she’s inviting you to play her earlybird specials between 2 AM and 6 AM. Here, you can win double chat bonuses in every game, and even double jackpots. And, don’t forget to tell your friends about the deals. If you get a friend to sign up, who then goes on to deposit, you will get 100% of their first deposit, and also 10% of all deposits they make for the next 60 days.

    So, while Little Miss Bingo is recovering from sunstroke, go and take advantage of a huge welcome bonus as well. She has a £20 no deposit bonus awaiting you, plus 900% over the course of your first three deposits.

    Little Miss Bingo (New)
    Little Miss Bingo (New) – Get £20 FREE!

    Little Miss Bingo

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