Littlewoods Bingo – Tomorrow is Value Day – All Day

    Tomorrow is the 8th September and it is value day, all day, this is the day you get to play bingo for pennies for twelve whole hours, from 9am in the morning till 9pm at night. Every game has a guaranteed prize pool of £30, so it is time to go bingo ball-istic and see if you can scoop up some prizes. Ten games an hour will be played during these sessions and you can still pre-buy your tickets is you can’t stay online all day. Some of us do have to work!

    A penny a ticket is about as good value as it gets unless of course it is free bingo. These games are also featured at Littlewoods Bingo and instead of spreading them across a couple of hours or sessions; they have an entire day of free bingo games taking place on the 15th September. You don’t need to spend a penny to take advantage of these games and they also play between 9am and 9pm in the Free Bingo room. Play these games and you will be winning something for nothing with each game offering prize pools of up to £20 for free. You can claim 1 – 6 tickets into each bingo game and with nine playing an hour and one game for 5p, it is fun all the way on this day.
    In 90 ball bingo the prizes are: Any 1 line = £4.00; 2 lines = £6.00; Full house = £10.00 and in the 75 ball version of the game this is: Any 1 line = £3.00; 2 lines = £3.00; 3 lines = £3.00; 4 lines = £3.00; Full House = £8.00. The 5p game is a 75 ball game and its prizes are: Any 1 line = £5.00; 2 lines = £5.00; 3 lines = £5.00; 4 lines = £5.00; Full House = £20.00. You simply cannot go wrong with these Littlewoods Bingo budget busting games.

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