Magical Fairies Dish out Medals at Ladbroke’s Bingo

    Ladbroke Bingo‘s are sprinkling the fairy dust left right and centre, because they want you to win medals. Nobody knows where the gold, silver, bronze fairies will pop up, but they will certainly be appearing in a Ladbroke’s room near you. They will be dishing out magical prizes as they race through the rooms – and here’s how it works. If you are in a room when the fairies visit, and you have purchased tickets to the previous game, you will get a share of their super prizes.

    Playing Ladbroke’s is the perfect place to while away the weekend – climb into the attic to enjoy at thrilling Roll On games – here, the full house winner shouts HOUSE, but then the winnings keep on coming. It’s a brand-new and exciting way to play – we reckon you’re going to love it, – you can literally feel the excitement in the chat room.

    Ready to become a lover of Ladbroke’s? Sign today for your £30 deposit bonus, then it’s time to play as seen on TV bingo, instant games, online scratchcards, chat games, roulette, and a whole lot more. And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for those gorgeous little fairies, who will be flitting in and out of the rooms with plenty of prizes.

    Ladbrokes Bingo
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    Ladbrokes Bingo

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