Mecca Bingo Goes Green!

    Don’t worry, the colour of the new look Mecca Bingo has not changed from its traditional pink to green, Mecca Bingo is going green in terms of energy savings. This is not the first time this Bingo operator has encouraged its members to save energy, at one time they were also swapping old fashioned light bulbs for the energy saving kind. This time they have two gadgets up for grabs, and not only are they good for the environment, they will save you hundreds of pounds annually on your utility bills.

    This Mecca Bingo initiative is in line with the UK Government having made the commitment to reduce energy consumption, and to avail you of these products, Mecca has partnered with “LIME”. The gadgets are simple to install and even better, you are going to get them FREE. What is better than free Bingo – Energy saving gadgets from LIME that’s what!

    The first gadget is an energy saving plug and it is worth £19.99. That’s a lot of money to pay for plug if you ask me, but you aren’t going to be paying for it. Apparently you lot spend 10% of your electricity bill on appliances which are left on “Standby” and this intelligent plug turns them all off with one click of a remote control. The other item is a Water Widget and this turns your shower into an eco-shower which saves up to 70% of the water used by a typical shower. Don’t ask me how it works I don’t have a cooking clue. All I know is you can get it free through your association with Mecca Bingo.

    Claim both of these gadgets, while you can and get them free, if you use them both, you can save up to £100 annually on your utility bills. The environmental impact will be obviously better, the more people who use these Green Gadgets.
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