Mecca Bingo launches Breast Cancer Awareness Month Bingo

    Mecca Bingo is always doing something good in the name of charity. The month, the online bingo site has decided that in the run-up to Halloween, they will be dedicating the entire month to Breast Cancer Awareness.

     Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Mecca Bingo has unveiled its new look, and now it is unveiling its plan of action. They are going to be hosting charity bingo games all the way through their Breast Cancer Awareness Month Bingo campaign. Whilst winning prizes for yourself, you will be helping out thousands of women up and down the country.

    How to Take Part

    All proceeds from the games go directly into the coffers of Breast Cancer Care. You can donate your funds by snapping up tickets to Pink Games, which are played every Monday and Wednesday, from 7pm to 8pm GMT. These tickets will cost 10p each, and they are for games which are worth up to £100 in total. Players will also be able to enjoy gaming in the Two Little Ducks, Dancing Queen, Key to the Door, Clickety Click, and Lucky for Some bingo rooms.


    Raising Awareness

    Breast Cancer Care are recipients of the money raised, and only players based in England, Scotland and Wales are invited to join the campaign. This is because the charity is only active in those countries, and the idea is also to raise awareness of breast cancer in those regions.

    Similar Promotions

    With a little luck, people will breast cancer will really benefit from the charity drive at Mecca Bingo. Mecca certainly aren’t alone in offering their support to breast cancer awareness and charities, with several other leading bingo sites employing similar promotions and campaigns this month.

    Head on Over

    Do something nice, and something for someone else. Play a little bingo and help raise awareness of breast cancer by playing your favourite online games at Mecca Bingo this month.

    Mecca Bingo

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