Meet the Fortune Telling Crocodile at Snap Bingo

    Snap Bingo is the DragonFish site with the friendly crocodile mascot. If you’re not already a member of this network, you should have no problems joining and collecting a £100 free bonus.

    And Mr Crocodile is inviting you on his £4000 Amazon Adventure. This is your chance to win a £500 Amazon Voucher if you cover the letter A during the 6 PM game.

    And to my knowledge, crocodiles aren’t very good with horoscopes but our Mr Snap seems to know his star charts. He’s inviting you to his new Zodiac Room – cover the full house to win £500 and to get 20 free tickets. Four lines is £300, three lines is £150, two lines is £100, and one line is £61. What’s more, on your birthday, you get 10 free tickets to your birthday game.

    Have you played Team Bingo before? At Snap, first prize is 1 million points, and it must be split between you and three other players. There is still time to enter January’s team effort – the competition is fierce, but if you can climb to the top of the leaderboard then the winnings are rich.

    So, if you are ready for your crocodile encounter, sign up and play Snap – there’s up to £100 free waiting for you.

    Snap Bingo

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