Meet Your Nosy Neighbours at Bingo Street

    Nosy neighbours can be a nightmare. My neighbour used to look in my window with binoculars, and tell me what bingo sites I liked to play at, the cheeky devil.

    However, if you play at Bingo Street, nosy neighbours are a good thing. Sniff out a £30 jackpot which plays daily between 2 PM and midnight. Tickets only cost 5p in the Tuck Shop, and 10 PM the Number 10 club.

    Also today, February 3, is the last day to participate in the Power Play Instant Tournament. Play on selected slots and win up to £200 in cash. You have between 8 PM and 11 PM to show the world what you’re made of. Today, the instant games of choice are Shaman’s Dream, Paradise Reels, Jewel Journey and Temple of Isis.

    Bingo Street is all about bargain games and a fun atmosphere. Everybody loves a freebie, so check out the Free 4 All with jackpots of up to £1. It’s a 75 ball room as well, so plenty of happy winners all round.

    Bingo Street is part of the Joy of Bingo network along with other popular bingo sites like Posh, Wink, and Tasty. Each time you play here, you accumulate points which can be used across all sites for massive jackpot games. It’s time to meet your new neighbours (hopefully not as nosy is my neighbour) and to claim your free cash.

    Bingo Street

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