Missing Jackpot Whodunnit at Titan Bingo

    Who stole the jackpot?

    There is a thrilling whodunnit mystery at Titan Bingo right now. Watch the video, and follow the clues. Which of the freaky little UK bingo balls committed the crime?

    Daily Piggy Smash

    Pigs can’t fly, but your winnings may soar if you play the Daily Piggy Smash game. It’s not quite a free scratchcard, but to trigger it, you must stake £1 – every time you do this, you’ll get one piggy scratchcard. This little fella has a £500 jackpot locked up inside him – get your hammer at the ready.

    Smashing Fridays

    Wowsers – check this! There is £15,000 up for grabs every Friday at Titan. Play in the Ballroom on Friday June 6, with kick off at 6 PM. Tickets start at 5p, and you can expect a blitzing schedule of buy one get one free, Last Chance Saloon, and loads more. These games are held in the Ballroom, which is a 75 ball room

    £20,000 Bingo Hour

    Another big date for your diary – Saturday June 7 is the £20,000 Bingo Hour. From 10 PM to 11 PM, this is your chance to win a share of £20,000, with the highlight of the evening being the £10,000 Linx game at 10:30 PM. The Linx game is in the Glitz and Glam room, so dress up, and prepare to get your eyes down.

    Night of Champions

    Yet another £20,000 Night – this time it’s on Wednesday. Liven up the dullest day of the week, with a series of 1 TG games, and guaranteed prizes up to £950.

    Thanks God it’s Friday

    Hurrah! Friday is finally here and now there is even more reason to celebrate, thanks to the Friday games at Titan. Eyes down nice and early – the evening gets off to an explosive start with a £3000 game at 6 PM. The action gets hotter, and the jackpots get bigger, culminating in a £6000 Linx game at 10:30 PM. It’s the perfect excuse to stay in — no pub or club could ever be so much fun.

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