New Bingo Site Bingo Godz to Shake up the Industry

    Have you ever got down on your knees and prayed for a big win? Well, it looks like your prayers are about to be answered, thanks to a new bingo site launching called Bingo Godz.

    The imminent coming of this divine new bingo site has the bingo industry quaking – a shake up is much-needed, and Bingo Godz looks set to do that thanks to heavenly new features like Facebook integration, a mobile app, and power ups called Godz which help you progress through the levels.

    We think the site may have a cloudy blue and white background as well – so, no surprises in the graphic design Department. We know for sure that the site will be safe, secure, regulated, and trustworthy – after all, you’re in the hands of the gods, so what do you expect?

    And although the name may seem tongue in cheek, the powers that be at Bingo Godz are a force of nature: they might not have white beards, but they are practically gods in the industry – the founder of Foxy Bingo, Simon Collins is involved along with Michael Brady who in a previous incarnation, worked at Cashcade.

    A little cherub flew into our office, and told us that Bingo Godz will be launching in Summer 2013, although we don’t have precise date for the re-birth of bingo. Needless to say, you’ll be the first to know. We’ve bugged that cherub with a spy cam, and sent him flying back to the Godz – keep watching this space for more big news.

    Whenever a new site launches, we’re always keen to know if its a skin, or if it’s running on proprietary software. A skin is when a bingo operator merely revamps a home page – once you log in, the software is precisely the same as all the other sites you’ve played at. Proprietary software means it’s a totally unique running system – so you’re guaranteed a brand-new, and hopefully out-of-this world experience. Bede Gaming, the software behind Bingo Godz, have plenty of experience at creating great gaming sites – they are the force behind Bet UK, multiplayer keno, scratchcards, and other legendary online bingo sites.

    We’ll let you know as soon as our cherub is back with more news – until then, sit with your hands together and eyes closed, waiting for the imminent arrival of the almighty Bingo Godz.



    Bingo Godz

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