New bingo sites March 2014

    You snooze, you lose – especially when it comes to checking out new bingo sites. Technological advances are moving at a phenomenal rate, especially in the online gaming industry. New sites are opening at a blistering pace, and it’s difficult to keep up, unless you use a non-biased price comparison site like Great British Bingo.

    It really does pay to keep your eye on the balls – all 90 of them – by staying abreast of the latest developments, you can find the coolest new places to play, the biggest bonuses, and discover the hottest breakthrough sites.

    If you’re still plodding along at the same site as six months ago, then wake up and get out of that rut! You need a caffeine injection, and these reviews are the bingo equivalent of a triple espresso. Hold tight, because you won’t be sleeping for a long time…

    Bingo Godz

    It came from out of blue, and shook up the industry like a lightning bolt. Bingo Godz takes the concept of bingo and adds a brilliant twist to create a heavenly gaming realm, where you must collect the various Godz to progress through the six different worlds. The quirky godz appear at random times – some more frequently than others. The more you collect, the further you progress, and the more powers you obtain. This site is unlike any other – it runs on its own private software, and has gorgeous high quality graphics. Even the home page comes from another dimension. If you’re bored of stagnant old Cozy and Dragonfish sites, then you will find Bingo Godz a breath of fresh air from paradise.

    Bingo VIP Club

    The red carpet has been rolled out: walk down its length, and you’ll find a £15 no deposit bonus at the other end. Bingo VIP Club has a rather exclusive-looking homepage, with star-shaped tabs, and glitter balls, but once you register, you’ll find the standard Cozy Games software, and the usual batty, boring promotions. Still, there’s 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball, and tickets from 2p.

    Bingo Party

    Yet another site with a party/VIP theme. This one runs on the rapidly-expanding 15 Network. At first, this network was novel as fondue in the 1970s, but now there are so many clone sites, luring you in with a jazzy homepage, then being identical once you enter the lobby, that you may want to leave this party in a hurry. Still, there’s a £20 free bonus when you register, plus you can Spin the Record Deck to win £2500. Shame it’s not Spin the Bottle, because that would really liven up the chat room. And no party is complete without food – enter the Friday Night Takeaway game with a £50 spending splurge for the winner.

    Bingo Crush

    Will you fall in love with Bingo Crush? I am not so sure. After all, variety is the spice of life, but there are only two rooms – Cupid’s 90 ball room, and the 75 ball Pink Room. The variety of slots is miniscule as well – 15 at last count. The site is powered by Progaming Winners Online, a company registered in far-flung Costa Rica. You can try it for free without the need to enter card details – there’s a £20 no deposit bonus.

    Touch My Bingo

    Use your touchscreen phone to play at this touchy-feely site – hence the name. This site is primarily for mobile users, and offers a £5 bonus. With games of one-minute bingo, three different rooms, and a whole new crowd of roomies, you should certainly enjoy your stay at this site, powered by Probability plc. Mobile bingo is definitely the next big thing, but don’t forget to check out the slots, and casino games too – the choice is superb, and the graphics look fab on the smaller screen. No fiddly controls either – Touch My Bingo gets a big thumbs up.

    Bingo VIP Club

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