New Bingo Sites June 2014

    It’s always nice to see new bingo sites open on t’internet isn’t it, and when I saw a few of these I thought ‘waheeey’.

    Buddha Bingo

    Every time I see a Buddha I can’t help thinking of myself, hey I think a few of us do right? Anyway, Buddha Bingo is a new bingo site that launched on the Cozy Games software, offering a £15 free no deposit required bonus. Buddha Bingo dishes out a belly-load of bingo fun and games. Sadly, the design is the only things that makes this site stand out from the rest on the Cozy Games software.

    Sugar Bingo

    We’re all addicted to sugary things, I can’t stop at one choccie bar, you just have to look at my belly to see I’m telling the truth! So anyway, Sugar Bingo is a highly addictive and sweet bingo site, bursting with great player offers. It also boasts a very tasty design, one that won’t rot your teeth or put pounds on your hips! Available to play the middle of May 2014.


    When you’ve got time, I highly recommend you try your hand at TimeBingo. It’s a bright, refreshing and new bingo site that offers a free £15 no deposit bonus.


    BingoSky recently relaunched with a bigger and better bingo site. thanks to us, they will give you £10 free with no deposit required, this is exclusive to our members only. You’ll be reaching for the sky here, as they don’t have any silly wagering requirements!

    Ones to watch!

    Keep your eyes open for upcoming bingo sites; Viking Bingo and Lucky Rainbow Touch Bingo. Both promise to be packed to the brim with top offers and games.


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