New Man United Star Learns English with…Bingo!

    When he became the world’s most expensive teenage transfer at the start of September, as mentioned in our recent survey looking at the best signing of the 2015 summer transfer window, many expected Anthony Martial to need some time to adapt to the English game and culture, especially as the 19-year old spoke no English when he arrived in Manchester.

    Having already set the Premier League alight with some outstanding performances and goals that have many who once asked “who” in relation to Martial now saying “wow”; he’s now looking to combat the language barrier by learning English in a rather unique way if his French teammate Morgan Schneiderlin is to be believed.

    Schneiderlin is new to life at Old Trafford himself, but the midfielder has taken to being the translator between Martial and the rest of the club, providing him with some useful tips on how to get used to life in Manchester both on and off the pitch – starting with the troublesome lack of English…

    The French striker isn’t listening to audio tapes, attending night school or getting private tuition; in fact, he’s learning the English language by playing video bingo to help him to learn numbers and words so that he can communicate more effectively with his coaches and teammates.

    Bingo is a tried and tested learning resource in classrooms with many teachers having played various forms of the game to encourage students to combine words and numbers with rewards at the end for those who mark their cards the fastest. It’s safe to say that it isn’t the kind of game that has been used as a linguistic educational tool before, however!

    While it might not sound like the most orthodox of learning methods, if his performances on the pitch are to go by then more and more foreign football stars might try their hand at online bingo – and we’ve got plenty of bingo websites for them to try out of course!

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