Olympic Sized Bonuses at Little Miss Bingo

    Little Miss Bingo is limbering up for the Olympics with her deposit specials. But hurry, you need to move quicker than Usain Bolt, because the offers end when July ends. It all depends on how much you deposit, you see. Little Miss has a clever sliding scale that makes sure everybody receives a slice of cash. It makes sense that the more you deposit, the more you get rewarded – for instance, put down between £10 and £19 to get a 150% bonus. The scale goes all the way up to deposits of £200 or above – stuff your account with £200 in cash, to receive a 400% bonus or 125% in cash.

    Ever fancied winning a gold medal? It’s within your reach right now. Play Gold Medal Games where you could win anywhere up to 1500 bonus points, and in the Olympic 80 ball games, take a freekick to win a share of 2500 bonus points.

    Little Miss has a £20 no deposit bonus waiting for you as well – she loves to give out free cash like she dishes out those free medals. We advise you sit and watch the Olympics and play at LMB – it’s the perfect armchair sport. And don’t forget to grab your free £15 bonus from one of our favourite mobile bingo sites.

    Little Miss Bingo (New)
    Little Miss Bingo (New) – Get £20 FREE!

    Little Miss Bingo

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