One player wins 12 K at Lucky Pants Bingo

    £12,000 payout at Lucky Pants Bingo

    Here’s an incredible bit of news – one Lucky Pants Bingo player has won £12,320 on the Tiger Treasure Slots. Roar! The player is known by her initials, C.A, and she started her gaming session with an initial bet of £10. After a few spins, three bonus symbols appeared on the reels. After that, she had to pick from five different game scenarios, which then awarded eight free spins, with a 15 times multiplier. The highest payout she received came to £12,000, and then she won a further £320. It’s always reassuring to read about big wins – although they are infrequent, they are entirely possible at Lucky Pants Bingo where you’ll also find the best and most exclusive bingo offers.

    Win a £500 City Break

    Summer is the season for escaping the UK, and if you play at Lucky Pants on August 9 at 9 PM, you could be winning a £500 City Break, courtesy of Thomas Cook. The following week it’s another city break, then on August 30, you can win £2500 holiday. They are nail-biting 75 ball games, so pre-purchase your tickets now in advance. Don’t forget to send us a postcard if you win.

    There’s no limits

    Especially if you play the No Limits games. The daily 5p game is seeded at £20, and the more people who enter, the bigger and better the prizes get. So, it’s in your best interest to make as many people as you can play – those jackpots can reach some eye-popping figures.

    Get lucky and turn 5p into £1500

    Put on your lucky underwear – you will need it for this game. This is your chance to turn 5p into £1500 every night at 8 PM, 9 PM, and 10 PM in the Lucky Stripes room. It’s a sliding jackpot, starting at £500, with tickets a mere 5p. Sign up at Lucky Pants Bingo now for a 300% welcome bonus – deposit £10 and get £40 to play with.

    Lucky Pants Bingo

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