Party Bingo Promotions – If you Can Call Them Promotions?

    I am not enchanted with the Party Bingo Site. Bearing in mind they are part of the massive Party Gaming group which is actually listed on the London Stock Exchange; it embarrasses me writing about their promotions. 

    I look at this site and there is nothing available promotions-wise, that makes my heart go pitty-pat with excitement. Frankly I think it is a disgrace and wonder that they have any market-share of British Bingo business? While other sites are out-promotioning each other Party Bingo is plodding along, back at the turn of the century, which is where they started out, and as far as I am concerned, where they still belong. 

    They will give you £20 free for registering and making a deposit of $10. They have a long list of very exciting looking games, and offer guaranteed games with up to £100 prizes. Whoop-di-doo!! There are one or two guaranteed games with a £250 and £500 prize on specific nights, but as we said, nothing to really encourage me to encourage you to become a member. I would much rather refer you elsewhere where you can get far better value for your money, as well as have fun.  

    There is a Sunday Slots day every week where you can earn up to 100% extra Party Points, and if you finish in the top 20 of the leader board that day, you win an additional $25. But, that’s about all that’s worth mentioning. I am very much inclined to call these guys, Party Poopers!
    Party Bingo
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