Pay it safe with Online Bingo

    There are no so many payment methods available at online gambling sites across the internet that it can be downright confusing sometimes to know what the best deal is for you. Naturally e-wallets are always far safer to use than credit cards because the vast bulk of your finances will be stored on your credit card, and if your online bingo site only has access to your e-wallet (which will have far less money inside it) then there is little chance of any nasty people getting hold of your sensitive credit card information or bank details. How could they?

    So what are some of these alternative payment methods and how can they work for you when it comes to paying and putting money into your online bingo account. Here’s is a brief list of some of those payment methods you may want to keep an eye out for.

    PayPal are without a doubt the most reliable of all the online payment methods. They seldom ever have any issues; money can be transferred for free from your credit card or bank account and takes only two days or so to reach your PayPal account. Similarly it costs you nothing to deposit funds to any online bingo site account from PayPal and the transfer is instantaneous. You can also save yourself a world of time if you choose to withdraw your funds to a PayPal account rather than a bank account.

    Skrill formerly known as Moneybooker is another e-wallet that offers a remarkably similar service to PayPal. Just thePayPal, they charge nothing to transfer money to and from your online bingo account, although they do charge you withdraw money from your Skrill account to your bank account. This modest fee is around €1.50 so not that much in the long hauls. However, Skrill also offers a service that beats most. Skrill allows you to purchase a debit card from them for €10 per year which can be used to access your Skrill funds anytime, anywhere in the world just like a real bank card.

    Neteller is another of the most famous e-wallets. Although this option is more commonly found on online casino sites rather than online bingo sites it is still a worthy e-wallet of merit. Although there can be costs and charges for using Neteller, the price you may is for their assurance than you can use their services anywhere on any site, and for the most part (at least when it comes to online gambling) they are correct. Neteller is however, useless if you intend on purchasing goods online.

    U Kash is kind of an amalgamation between Neteller and Skrill. U Kash is hugely popular with online bingo sites and you’ll actually be very hard pressed to find any online bingo site that doesn’t accept payments from U Kash.

    All of these four payment methods are the top e-wallets on the market and although there are other options like Click 2 Buy and Pay Safe Card, the four above are the recommended options. You can also sometimes pick up an alternative payment match deposit bonus by using one of the four above, although this varies from 5%-15% from online bingo site to online bingo site.

    If you want a 100% way to be certain that you have an all in one online e-wallet than go with PayPal. With PayPal you can play at your favourite online bingo sites to heart’s desire with depositing and receiving funds a doddle. You can also use the same account for all your online shopping needs. If Bingo is your game, then for depositing, PayPal is the name.

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