Pet Owners Surveyed: Dogs Come Out Top!

    Cats vs dogs cartoon comparison


    It’s become a cliche, the idea that dogs are man’s best friend.

    But cliches become cliches for a reason and it’s not showing any sign of getting older.

    Great British Bingo decided to put this age-old theory to the test and we gave members of the Great British public the choice between cats and dogs for their choice of favourite animal. A regular Cats v Dogs face-off!

    Out of the 2089 people we surveyed, 1231 voted for Dogs and 858 voted for Cats. It turns out that people’s opinions aren’t quite as divided as the cartoon above, but dogs are the firm favourites. Responses came from people in their twenties all the way up to their seventies, male and female, from London to Yorkshire.

    At the Great British Office it was pretty neck and neck. We’ve got cat lovers and dog lovers here!

    Though there’s good reason to believe Cats Are Better Than People, we’d say dogs are up there too. Funnily enough goldfish are the most common pet, but we think that’s because people tend to keep a lot more fish per household than other animals.

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