Play three mega games this weekend with Brits Bingo

    Brits Bingo understands that not everybody is free at all hours of the day to play bingo. For many of us, we are stuck in a 9 to 5 job, and there simply no escaping the office to play bingo. However, Brits Bingo has come up with a solution. Why not devote your free time to playing bingo? Why not devote your weekend to it?

    Cracking Games

    At Brits Bingo, you can now play three cracking bingo games every day over the weekend, and potentially win a share of a massive £700 pot. There are £700 worth of real money prizes to win from Friday to Sunday, and here is how it all works.

    Weekender Bingo

    Brits Bingo runs its Weekender promotion from 6pm on Fridays. On each day of the weekend, there will be three bingo games played. The first of these is at 6pm, and offers a real money prize which is worth £100. Moreover, all 1TG players can share £20 between them.


    1TG Winners

    At 8pm, the second bingo game begins. Players can compete to win a real money cash prize of £50, with all 1TG players sharing a £10 bonus. Finally, the third bingo game begins at 10pm. At this time, players who have deposited can play to win a £50 cash prize, with another tenner being redistributed to players who finished with a 1TG status.

    Top Promotions

    That fabulous way to kick off the weekend is just one of the many top promotions you will be able to find at Brits Bingo. There are others. The Late Night Show, WOW – Spintastic, Big £10,000, Loyalty Plan bonus, and Sure Win deals are just some of the offers you claim when you play with Brits Bingo this month.

    Join Today

    If you aren’t already, then join Brits Bingo today and claim a 150% bonus on your first deposit, up to £100 in all.

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