Play Your Way to Amazon Vouchers at Clucky Bingo

    Win a share of Amazon Vouchers

    If you want a helping hand with Christmas on the way, then definitely check out the Love of Bingo prize promotion at Clucky Bingo. Finish in amongst the top 50 players to win a share of the loot – you earn points with every line you cover, and top prize is a £75 voucher. Even if you finish between 21st and 50th, you’ll win £5 in Amazon Vouchers. Plus there’s a first deposit bonus of £20 when you register, that’s  200% welcome bonus on a first deposit of £10!

    Friday night takeaway

    There’s nothing better than splurging on a Friday night takeaway, and if you play the 8 PM game and win the full house, you could be winning a takeaway to the value of £50. Choose Indian, Chinese, or good old fish and chips – but perhaps the chickens of Clucky would prefer for you not to have a KFC.

    Lucky clucky Lotto

    Feeling lucky chickadee? Then forget scratching in the dirt, and flap on over to Lucky Numbers, where every Wednesday at 7 PM in the Lucky Stars room, you could win a nice little nest egg. It takes the form of a lottery game – you choose three letter B numbers (between 1 and 18) send them to support at, then play in the Lucky Stars room. If your three numbers come out, type in LOTTO to win a share of the points.

    Birds of a feather play team tournaments

    Get together with your favourite feathered friends and play team games every Tuesday and Saturday across all rooms. If you are in amongst the top five teams with the highest score, you’ll win a huge prize for your team. First place is 50,000 loyalty points, which can be converted for freebies.

    £150 Weekly Jackpot

    Play a fabulous £150 jackpot game, and you could win big every Friday night. Pre-buy your cards now – they only cost 50p, and make sure you have your eyes down at 8 PM.

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