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    Whenever the weekend is near, you want to head to Daisy Bingo. This popular UK online bingo site has a terrific selection of weekend deals for players. Why play anywhere else when you can play at an online bingo site which really values weekend gameplay?

    Weekender Games

    Daisy Bingo’s Weekender room is only open to funded players, and players must have deposited £50 during the previous 6 days to the start of the Weekender game in order to gain access to the room. Players could potentially win up to £700 in real money from Fridays to Sundays with these bingo games.

    The games take place at 6pm, 8pm and 10pm on each day, and players can win £100 in real prize money, £50 in real prize money, and another £50 in each respective game, with 1TG finishers sharing £20, £10 and another £10 respectively.

    weekender deals


    As part of Daisy Bingo’s drive for excellence, any player who pockets 96 tickets to these bingo games will get another 14 bingo tickets for free. Tickets to the 6pm, 8pm and 10pm games cost 5p, 10p, and 10p respectively.

    Other Deals

    As well as the Weekender deals, Daisy Bingo also dishes out loyalty bonuses aplenty, a 2 Million Race loyalty competition, Wow Spin-tastic slot competitions, Big £10,000 guaranteed bingo games, monthly Zodiac Bingo games and so much more.

    Welcome Bonus

    If you are new to the world of Daisy Bingo, then why not sign up and become a full-time member? Joining Daisy Bingo as a new player today can see you eligible for a tidy welcome bonus which is worth £40 when you deposit a tenner into your account. That bonus consists of a £30 bingo bonus, and is not to be sniffed at.

    Join Today

    If weekend games, and other top bingo deals are your forte, then Daisy Bingo is where you should be playing this summer.

    Daisy Bingo

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