Play to win a share of £10,000 with Bingo Wags

    Bingo Wags is rolling out the big guns this month, and every month in 2017 as it happens. The online bingo site has got a massive £10,000 guaranteed jackpot cash prize up for grabs in their flagship bingo game, and it can be yours if you play your cards right at Bingo Wags.

    Jackpot Game

    The online bingo site is offering all registered and funded players the chance to play to win a pot of £5,000, which will be shared out between full house, two-line, one-line, 1TG and 2TG winners. The remaining £5,000 pot is up for grabs between those players who snapped up tickets. It is shared out according with the players who purchased the most tickets getting the lion’s share.

    The £10,000 guaranteed jackpot game, known as The Big £10,000 is up for grabs on the tenth of every month, and is played at 20:00 GMT. Players who finish with a full house will win £750, whilst players with two lines can win £500. £250 will be paid out to the player with a single line, whilst all 1TG finishers can pocket £2,000. Players who finish with 2TG can share a £1,500 cash prize.

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    Earn Free Tickets

    Tickets for the game are always on sale, so feel free to snap up yours at any time at all. You can even win free tickets to the event by playing over at Bingo Wags.

    Join Now

    If you aren’t yet a member of Bingo Wags, then now is the time to join. The online bingo site is offering all players the chance to join today and start playing with £128 in the bank. Just deposit £40 into your account, to start playing with £128 in the kitty right now. This £88 bonus is only available to new players at Bingo Wags.

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