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    The promotions at a bingo site can make or break it, fortunately for Bingo Fabulous their promotions are a big feature of what makes this site work for its members. One of the most popular is a small promotion with a very big wallop. This is the Bingo Pays Your Bills promo and it plays every month. Choose your pattern, is it Gas, Electricity or Water? Which ever you choose and play on, could win you that bill paid at the end of the month and winners love this.
    Weekend promotions are also a big deal and you find these out by clicking on the Weekend Gazette, make sure you do and do this regularly; the kitchen appliances and hundreds of pounds in bingo points go down a treat.
    Win a 42″ Flatscreen TV or a £500 holiday every second Thursday, one of these games plays on each Thursday alternating. £1Million coveralls are a big deal and although we haven’t seen one won yet, there has to come a day when one member cracks it. These games have minimum guaranteed prizes, so it is not a loss to play as there is always a guaranteed winner.
    All in all, these and a whole lot more promotions make Bingo Fabulous the site it is. This space is too small to mention them all, but suffice it to say, they have all the bases covered. Play bingo there today, there are loads of opportunities to win as well as brilliant bonus incentives for playing.
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