Red Bus Bingo – New Treats for Funded Players

    Red Bus Bingo has got a whole list of new treats lined up for funded players, so make sure you read all about them at the site so you can win tons of extra cash. For example the top five bingo players who wager the most but don’t win will get to share £50 in cash in the “Bus Stop”. Then “Mind the Gap” because instant game players can also win some extra cash. They have Pie & Msh, Wheels on the Bus, Dot and Dash, School Bus, Make Them Wait and more offers for cash and Joy Points for free.

    As you know, or should know by now, Joy Points are worth their weight in gold as they buy you free bingo tickets into the quarterly Joy Pot games and these have £25 000 in prizes available each time they play. Some of these new promos play from Monday to Friday, others are over the weekend, but they are all worthwhile participating in and they make sure that everyone is a winner at Red Bus Bingo.

    The new £10k Risk-Free game also starts on the 14th October at Tasty Bingo with a £1K prize for penny tickets. After that on the 15th it is Playing at Red Bus Bingo with £2K for 2p up for grabs. The next two games take place at Posh and Wink Bingo in the 16th and 17th respectively, with £3K for 3p and £4K for 4p tickets. If you buy these bingo tickets at all four sites and you don’t win, the money you spent on bingo tickets will be 100% refunded. If you buy these bingo tickets at one site, you get 25% back, at two sites this is 50% and at three you will get 75% of your purchase price back.

    RedBus Bingo
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    Red Bus Bingo

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