Scoop £1000 for 5p at 888 Ladies Bingo

    Is your waistband still a little tight after Christmas? Jeans a little too snug? Then check out the Risk Free Detox game playing at 888 Ladies Bingo. Get your eyes down on Sunday, January 29 — it’s a 75 ball game with £1000 up for grabs. And guess what? Being as it’s a 75 ball game, it means there will only be one winner and tickets only cost 10p each.

    The excitement doesn’t end there — the game is Risk Free, which means you get 50% cashback on all of your ticket purchases if you don’t win. What would you treat yourself to if you won? A gym membership? An exercise bike? A day at a luxury spa …mmm, yes please.

    We love 888 Ladies Bingo because of their fabulous new side bets feature. This nifty new way to play gives you the chance to make extra money on the side. As your bingo games play, you can place little bets on all manner of fun things, such as snail races, and number games. Side bets start at 20p, and they don’t half make games thrilling.

    Ready to join the jolly ladies of 888 Bingo? They can’t wait to meet you either. Sign today to get £5 absolutely once you make your first deposit, which will also be topped up by 200% first deposit bonus.

    888 Ladies
    888 Ladies – Get £5 FREE!

    888 Ladies

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