See Spots at Tasty Bingo and You Could Win!

    You might be seeing spots but you won’t be dreaming if you win in the Tasty Bingo £2k Tasty Dream when it plays on Sunday the 3rd October. This game takes place at 7pm, so don’t be late, it is one game you don’t want to miss and the player who calls “house” on the Spots pattern will be the winner of £1 500. The balance of players with 1TG will win a share of the rest of the prize money which is £500. Win the first prize and you won’t be dreaming of eating tapas in Spain or drinking champagne in Paris you will be there, live and in person to enjoy everything that dreams are made of.

    Earn free bingo cards for this game, now while you can, when you send in a funny story of how you would spend the prize money. The funnier the better; and this may earn you fifty points. But you need 500 points to get one free bingo card, so bingo on the Star and letter D patterns for five points each. Every pound you wager on bingo at Tasty will also earn you two points and spend £20 on instant games to earn one point. Or you could pay a pound a bingo ticket and start pre-buying your tickets now.

    Also check out the new free bingo at Tasty, what you get now when you earn truffles; this has all changed, and make sure you have your pennies ready to buy bingo cards in the Risk free £10K which plays across all four of the Joy of Bingo Sites. Then the top instant game wagerer for the week will be treated to £50 for a feast plus they win a 100% deposit bonus to help keep them playing and winning at this great site.

    Tasty Bingo

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