See the Caribbean for Free with Banjo Bingo

    The Caribbean trip is coming

    If you’re a VIP member at Banjo Bingo, then be sure to purchase a few tickets for the Caribbean game. Get lucky here, and you could be jetting off for a 10 night all-inclusive stay in a luxury resort – it plays July 11 at 8 PM. Best of all, you get £1000 spending money free – prizes don’t come much bigger or better than this. Plus, there is currently a cracking deal on tickets – it’s buy one get one free, but if you buy 10, you’ll get 15 free.

    Zodiac Bingo

    Have you checked your horoscope today? Well there’s good news for you, especially if you’re a Gemini. You should be getting 10 free tickets to your star sign’s game on June 20, and you could be winning a share of £1111 in the Zodiac monthly event.

    Lucky £777 jackpot

    Feeling lucky? Then you need to get to the Banjo for the £777 Lucky Jackpot game. You need to cover the lucky number 7 to win, and the next game plays on June at 10 at 8 PM. Yes, I know it’s short notice, but that’s why the pre-buy function is so handy – if you already have plans tomorrow night, then you can simply pre-purchase a few cards in advance, and the game will play automatically without you being on line.

    Boost your cash, Banjo Bingo style

    When you register to play at Banjo, there’s a 150% deposit bonus, plus you can play £6000 in free games every month. The free games are a big hit with roomies, because you can play without making a deposit. If you’ve not made a deposit yet, you can play freebies every day between 7 AM and 7 PM, with games every eight minutes. Once you’ve made a deposit, the games bet bigger and better with a guaranteed jackpot of £10 in each game.

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