See the World Cup on a 46” Samsung with Rio Bingo

    A fabulous football prize

    Play bingo at brand-new Rio Bingo this month, and you could be partying your way to a World Cup prize package. The bundle includes a 46 inch Samsung Smart TV, a PlayStation 3, and a World Cup computer game – the whole shebang is worth £1000 in total. This Football Fantastic game plays on Saturday May 31, and tickets cost £2 or alternatively, you can earn them free. It’s quite easy to get your hands on freebies in fact – just make a deposit before May 29 and you’ll get 10 free tickets.

    Your new feathered friend

    Rio Bingo is the site with the colourful parrot mascot – if you’ve seen the 3-D cartoon of the same name, then this happy chap will definitely seem rather familiar. The site has a lively party vibe – after all, Rio is the world’s best and biggest party city.

    75 ball Beach Party

    Now you don’t have to travel half way around the world to enjoy a buzzing Beach Party. There are two different Beach Party rooms, each with their own guaranteed jackpot. In the 5p Beach Party, you can win £50, and in the 10p Beach Party, the jackpot leaps to £100. As they are both 75 ball games, the winner takes it all. Ay caramba!

    £10,000 Street Party

    But Rio Bingo really comes to life on Friday, for the £10,000 Street Party. And, like the best parties, it’s FREE. Join the carnival, as it careers down the road – everybody can earn six free tickets – ready for the action? The £10,000 prize is split between the Full House winner, who gets £5000, the two line winner who gets £3000, and the one line winner who banks £2000. This must be the only party in the world where you can come away richer than when you went in. Sign now for your £5 free, and to meet Rio, the little parrot with the big wallet.

    rio bingo

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