Seize Your Chance for a Multi-Million Pound Win at Bet 365 Bingo

    Bet 365 Bingo is famous for adding new promotions without taking anything away, and these are lining up now, with so many special offers up for grabs. There is free bingo in the First Class Lounge and they give away £1 000 every night, all you have to do to play First Class Fever is spend a tenner on bingo ticket in the previous days play. They even offer a Superbooks option in these games so you can really boost up your free bingo prizes.
    Now that the free bingo has been established, Bet 365 Bingo is giving you even more of something for nothing, and if you play standard 90 ball bingo, they are giving away free lottery lines. These are syndicated lottery lines and they are for the EuroMillions Lottery draw. Each syndicate is no bigger than 49 members, so each extra free lottery line you get, offers you a 1/49th share of any prize money. Remember these are free, so while you are spending a £10 note on your bingo tickets, with chances to win in these games, you are also earning one free lottery line.
    You only have to get a couple of numbers in a line to win a small cash prize, and instead of sharing this out between 49 members, what Bet 365 does, is give each member of the syndicate the full value of the cash prize in bingo loyalty points. Then as the lines come in with more correct numbers, the cash is shared between members. So if you won €10 for example the entire syndicate gets €10 worth of loyalty points. Seize your chance to play today and get registered at this site, the more something for nothing you get, the more worthwhile it is playing.

    Bet365 Bingo
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    Bet365 Bingo

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