Sickly Sweet Delights at Scrummy Bingo

    Scrummy Bingo, with its delicious cake logo, promises to be a cornucopia of sticky delights, but sadly, it’s nothing but empty calories.

    This month, the best promotions they could cook up involved calling a full house multiple times in a day to win a small cash bonus. Indeed, if you get 10 wins in a day, you could win a £50 bonus. Not only is that nigh on impossible, it could encourage you to pig out on tickets.

    Slightly more pleasing to the palate are the Christmas Mega Jackpots. On Christmas Day, 71 players will win a share of £15,000. Also, the top 10 players of bingo and slots will win a share of £500 in cash.

    If you play in Buckingham Palace, there are various words to collect throughout the month – these are random and vague to say the least. This month, you can win cash if you collect all the letters in the word HOOT, EERIE, and JOVI (what the heck is a JOVI?)

    Still, Scrummy offers a decent variety of mobile games and normal games – there’s a £15 FREE bonus on the table when you register, plus slots, and casino games. Eat up.

    Scrummy Bingo (New)
    Scrummy Bingo (New) – Get £15 FREE!

    Scrummy Bingo

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