Six Free Tix to Win 10k at Glossy Bingo

    Start the day in a glamorous way

    Darlings! There is only one way to start the day, and that’s with the Breakfast Bonanza at Glossy Bingo. Introducing the Morning £100 game – it plays at 9 AM, with tickets just 10p. You could go on a designer spending spree if you got lucky here, or you can just hit the snooze button, go back to bed, and dream of fabulous things, like free bingo no deposit.

    Daily Nifty 50

    Even glamorous and gorgeous peeps love to save cash – and this is why the Daily Nifty 50 is so popular. It’s a mere 20p per ticket, and it’s buy six, get six free – no other UK bingo site offers such excellent value.

    Lunchtime Fever

    Things get hot and feverish at lunchtime, and hopefully, it’s nothing to do with that chicken sandwich. In Lunchtime Fever, you can bag yourself a tidy £100 for 10p per ticket. And the generosity continues, because it’s buy six get six free. See you at 2 PM, roomies.

    Everybody needs good neighbours

    This week it’s Neighbour Week at Glossy – enjoy the bonus point bonanza. If you call a full house, you’ll get an extra £1 prize, and your neighbours in the chat room will also get a 25p prize.

    Share the Love

    The following week, it’s all about sharing the love. Not only can you win £10,000 in a single game, you can win a 50p bonus prize on top of your normal winnings. And of course, these games take place in the most glamorous of surroundings – in the Beverly Hills, and Hollywood rooms.

    A full month to wait

    Can you bear the tension? For on the last Saturday of the month, it’s the Big £10,000 game. It’s a few weeks away yet, but that’s good news – this will give you plenty of time to pre-buy tickets. Cards cost £1 each, and once again, it’s buy six, get six free. Sign now for your £10 no deposit bonus, and to get in with the gorgeous gang.

    Glossy Bingo

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