Slip into Bingo Boudoir Grab a Grand Game

    Slip into something a little more comfortable – slip into Bingo Boudoir this weekend. This is the perfect way to add more excitement to your bedroom-life – make sure you get your hands on some tickets for the £1000 Grab a Grand game. This is taking place on August 5, and you could be winning a heap of cash FREE. With every ticket you purchase, you get another one free, which doubles your chances of winning. It’s enough to make you bounce on the bed with delight.

    Here’s something else to keep you up all night – the chance to win a share of £5555 on August 12 at 8 PM. 55p is the price of the tickets, and five players will share the cash. The full house is £3000, four lines will win you £1500, three lines is £750, two lines is £200, and one line is £105. And, just to make it even more exciting, when you purchase five tickets to the Take £5K game, you get five free tickets to the BingOlympics games, where you could be winning a holiday to Disney World Florida.

    So, sign at Bingo Boudoir today for the best deposit bonuses around, and to play free bingo every day! Now shut off the light and get cosy.

    Bingo Boudoir
    Bingo Boudoir – Get £10 FREE!

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