So Bingo – More like So What!

    My So Bingo review tells that I am not keen on this site, there is a nothing wrong with it per se, but I have an aversion to assembly line bingo sites and this seems to be on the whole, all that Dragofish can churn out.  There are 60 sites in this network and all the promotions are ongoing, all the promotions are the same, and rarely will anything inspire them to change or make an addition. 

    I apologise for not being able to conjure up much enthusiasm for this site, but any enthusiasm I had would have to be magically impressed upon me! As the promotions are ongoing and I have been reviewing bingo sites for three years, you will appreciate the fact that over the 3 years I have been writing about these sites, very little in terms of promotions or otherwise has changed. 

    Every second Thursday a £500 holiday is up for grabs and on the alternating Thursday, this is a TV. We never actually know, who, if anyone wins these prizes. A weekend promotions where kitchen appliances and other quite nice prizes are given away is advertised and we do find out who the winners are. Bingo Pays the bills is a monthly ongoing promotion and this sees winners having their Gas, Electricity or Water bill paid for the previous month. As for the rest of the promotions, you can take them or leave them as far as I am concerned, and honestly you would be better off joining another rewarding or exciting site.

     So Bingo
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