Sparkling Bingo Promotions

    There is a nothing to write home to in terms of promotions at Sparkling Bingo. Although these do exist and the list is relatively long, they are ongoing and have been so for a substantially lengthy time. Promotions are exactly the same across the entire network and in the most part allow members to take advantage of bingo points.

    There is a current World Cup inspired promotion with a game scheduled to play on the 11th July for £7 000 worth of prizes. It is notable in that this network seems proud to espouse this is the largest promotion to take place across these 70 sites yet! If you are a member, or intend becoming a member, make sure you play; it may be the last promotion you will see of any bearing for who knows how long.

    A regular weekend promotion takes place with kitchen appliances up for grabs and winners in this are announced, so obviously winning takes place. There is another very attractive appearing promotion for a pre-buy game in which a TV and a £500 holiday is the prize on alternate Thursdays, we never seem to see who the winners are, so I fear the sparkle has gone out of this promotion for me.

    As far as the name of this site is concerned, “Sparkling Bingo” is a misnomer if ever I heard one. There is very little to sparkle or shine and it is far more akin to a damp squib – fft!
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