Spin the Wheel and Win With Wink Bingo

    Wink Bingo has been around in the UK for a while now, and has never been anything but good. In fact this brand turned out to be such a money-spinner that 888.com purchased, and grew their network. Now the Joy of Bingo network consists of Wink Bingo, Posh Bingo, Red Bus Bingo, Tasty Bingo, Big Brother Bingo, 888 Ladies Bingo and Bingo Street!

    While Wink has not really changed their look, and doesn’t appear to be a very sophisticated website to look at, don’t let this be a case where a book is judged by its cover. There are some excellent offers from time to time, and once a year, at New Year, they give away a Wink Bingo Mini Cooper, including all the bells and whistles.

    Get started playing today, and Wink will also give you 200% free on first deposits of between of £5 and £100. Again we maintain that before taking full advantage of this offer, you read the terms and conditions. This is vital as wagering requirements often stink up a deal that might otherwise seem very nice.

    Sometimes depositing the minimum is the only way to play.

    Once new members have made a deposit, there is also an opportunity to spin the wheel of ….well….opportunity. This offer sees a guaranteed bonus of £15 coming your way, with the possibility of winning up to £1000 worth of bonus for free!

    In October there is a prize game with £4 000 on the cards, for a very low price indeed. Bingo tickets only cost 20p; this is fantastic value for money, for a full house prize of £1,750. Two lines wins £1,250, and the one line prize is £1,000. There is plenty more prize money like this to go around, so, pop in and pay them a visit, see for yourself what Wink is about.

    Wink Bingo
    Wink Bingo – Get £20 FREE!

    Wink Bingo

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